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Welcome to NewBridge API documents for Developers.

Introduction #

Join the developers who are building the next generation of cross-chain services. Our comprehensive documentation and guides help you explore the NewBridge API and features, and get integrated to use NewBridge as soon as possible.

Browse APIs #

API Endpoints

API Endpoints for NewBridge

(Core) Pairs Info API

Lookup available chain networks and asset paris for different bridge directions

(Core) Account API

Lookup account deposit address in NewBrige

(Core) Account History API

Returns a JSON structure with details of the NewBridge transfer history of the specified accounts

(XChain) Create Account

(XChain) Create Account

XChain API #

XChain api is backend api for Main API and NewBridgeCore, chainapi is defined in grpc

The Chain API server is defined as follow:

// The ChainAPI service definition.
service ChainAPI {
    rpc CreateAccount (CreateAccountRequest) returns (CreateAccountReply) {}
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