API Endpoints

We provided public API addresses for NewBridge.

NewBridge Core API #

NewBridge Core API provides lookup services for NewBridge App and 3rd-party apps to use NewBridge. There are two different environments, Production and Test.

Production environment operates for each blockchain’s Main Networks.

Test environment is for testing purpose only and operates for selectd Test Networks for each blockchain.

Production Networks #


Test Networks #


Transations on Test Networks are for testing purpose only.

XChain API #

XChain api is backend api for Main API and NewBridgeCore, chainapi is defined in grpc

The Chain API server is defined as follow:

// The ChainAPI service definition.
service ChainAPI {
    rpc CreateAccount (CreateAccountRequest) returns (CreateAccountReply) {}

Currently there are no public XChain API Endpoints provided by Newton Project.

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