NewBridge Architecture

NewBridge has multiple components, here is a simplified list:

  • NewBridge Core
    • Validator
  • Secure Vault
    • Collection
    • Payout
  • Monitor
  • APIs
    • NewBridge Service API
    • XChain API

And a graph to the Architecture:

NewBridge Architecture

Monitor #

Each chain has its own monitor program, which will detect the payment status of the address in the system based on token information.

Secure Vault #

Secure Vault is a component to keep the assets safe and secure in each blockchain. And it is also functions as a service to collect the deposit from each blockchain, as well as payout the assets to another account in the blockchain validated by the NewBridge Core Validator component.

Collection #

Each chain has its own collection program

  • native for native assets such as ETH or NEW, general transfer
  • burnable for burnable token,use burn function to burn token
  • transfer transfer token to system offline wallet

Payout #

Each chain has its own payout program

  • native native coin user general transfer, from MainAddress to payout
  • mintable for mintable token, call mint function by MainAddress
  • transfer for token, call transfer function by MainAddress

NewBridge Core (Validator) #

NewBridge Core is used to coordinate the user deposit, handling fee, payout;

  • Input
    • User deposit address
    • System receipt address
    • Amount
  • Out
    • User receipt address
    • Amount
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